Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSN Stores Review

I recently got the chance to do a review of an item from CSN Stores and they were so great to work with for this review! Their customer service is wonderful and my item arrived quickly. CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to cribs to specific needs such as dining room sets and dog beds!  Side note here: Speaking of dining room stets, I recently found the perfect breakfast nook for our breakfast area in our kitchen! My hubby and I have been hunting for one forever and the measurements on this one fit the space perfectly. We have been painting and redecorating the house that we moved into a year ago and are really just getting started on renovations, since we moved in when I was 4 months preggo. So, the TMS Nook 3 Piece Dining Set in Espresso is on the top of our wish list and will probably be our Christmas gift to each other. I can just see the two of us having our morning coffee and breakfast here with Michael pulled up close in his high chair gobbling up his cereal and baby food! :)

I digress, so, back to my review! I chose the Skip Hop Playspot Foam Tiles in Green / Brown from CSN stores to do my review on! 

I am so glad this is what I chose to get, because, I LOVE this foam tile mat! It was super easy to put the tiles together and the back of the box even had 3 different tile arrangement ideas. The foam mat measures 14" × 14" and it is so nice to have in Michael's play area in our living room, I no longer have miss-matched blankets spread out as he rolls around the floor and (kinda) works on his crawling skills. It is so nice to have something soft for his sweet little knees. I also love the colors- the green and brown are such nice shades and it will match Michael's room perfectly when we move it up to his room after the carpet is replaced.

CSN has so many items and not just things for your baby! So, make sure you take a peek at their site, I am sure you will find something to add to your wish list too!

Thank you CSN for providing me with the opportunity to review one of the many, many, many wonderful products that you offer on your site!

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