Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 Months (a month late)

Well, Riley's 7th month just zoomed past! He is now officially 8 months and while I have already taken his 8 month pictures, I thought I should write about his 7th month first! 

Riley is such a smiley little guy and he is so cuddly! He loves to hug and snuggle into your shoulder...and while he's there, he might as well chew on it! Haha! He also loves to wrap an arm around my neck and play with the hair at my neck. So sweet painful at times. But I know I want to remember it and cherish it now!

Riley has a smile for anyone who will look at him, smile at him or make funny faces at him. He absolutely adores his big brother and little Michael can get some of the biggest belly laughs out of him!

Teeth. Teething. Drooling. Chewing. Gnawing. Fussing. Crying. All of these things have befallen poor Riley. Poor guy. His teeth are all just waiting to burst through his gums! When he opens his mouth, you can see his swollen red gums. Makes me so sad for him. He got his two bottom teeth in on the same day. Ouch! Then he got one of his lateral incisors (one next to his two front teeth)! Totally out of order. It's so funny though, because he looks like a baby vampire...haha!

Little Riley is loving his food too. So far he has eaten avocado, apple, pear, green beans, sweet potato, bananas, figs, nectarines, carrots and rice cereal. I have gotten a lot of his food at our local farmer's market! Love seasonal, local, organic food! Michael and I have had so much fun steaming and pureeing food for Riley. He also loves when I put some softer chunks of food (like avocado, banana, nectarine, cooked apple or pear) in his mesh feeder bag thingy. He goes to town chomping on it! Riley pretty much likes any food I will make for him, although green beans haven't been his favorite. Either way, he is pretty much always eye-balling whatever we're eating! 

Riley is a real "talker" too. I'm sure he is trying to be just like his big brother and keep up with him. Riley has lots of "Da-da's", "Bwa-bwa's", "Gggggg's" and I even got a "MOM!" one day! (Squeee!) I love when he gets a real conversation going, "" He always mixes in plenty of drool with these conversations too. Haha! Another fun thing that he has started doing is to wrap his tongue up and around his upper lip. It's so cute! For as much as he wants to talk and stand up, with help, he is not all that interested in tummy time or crawling! If you want to hear some mad grunts and yells, just put Riley on his tummy and try to encourage crawling...soon enough, you will hear his disapproval! Speaking of which, he does the most hilarious thing - when he's sitting, sometimes he will flex his arms downward and growl. (imagine the Hulk here) It's so funny to watch, because, Michael will imitate him and then it will just escalate as they're both growling and flexing! Haha...My little baby hulk.

7 months has gone by - 7 months of breast feeding (Yay!), 7 months of snuggling, 7 months of learning about little Riley, 7 months to watch him grow and 7 months to love my little sunshine.