Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University is a Great Choice for Moms Going Back to School (+Giveaway!)

The opportunity for parents to pursue a degree online can help to advance careers, increase income, secure your future in your chosen career and set a positive example for your children. I definitely witnessed this as I grew up. When I was in grade school, my dad went back to college. He had a job and a family and choosing to pursue a degree online was a lot of work. I remember sitting in our living room watching his papers print out and stretch out across the floor and piling up at the other end of the room (way back then, our printer printed paper that was connected and you had to tear the perforated sheets apart!). My dad was only able to get his business degree because of a long distance program. Growing up, I saw how much that degree helped my dad. He was able to really advance in his career and the financial benefits were such a blessing to our family. Even though I was little, I really got a sense for how important furthering your education is. A college degree can open so many doors for your career.

I feel extremely blessed to be able to stay home with my two little boys. Since becoming a parent, I have given thought to going back to school one day. (What would happen if I needed to go back to work? Or, when our boys are in school, would I go back to work?) Although I do have a college degree in Advertising, I haven’t worked in so long that if I wanted to pursue a career, I would need to do something to refresh my education and get back up to speed in the advertising world.

What’s a mom to do? Going to a physical college campus takes time, effort and a lot of money. Those are things that many moms don’t have any extra of. Ivy Bridge College (IBC) is committed to Moms - 50% of their students are moms! They understand that moms need flexibility and convenience when it comes to their education, while also being able to continue to work or stay at home to raise their children. “IBC is designed for students to earn their associate’s degree and then seamlessly transfer to over 150 “name brand” partner schools…” Pursuing an associates degree online through Ivy Bridge College is a great option for moms who either want to work on getting a degree or continuing in their education to advancing their career.  One of the many advantages of IBC is that “An advanced education at Ivy Bridge is about 1/3 of what it costs to attend other private universities, giving Moms the ability to graduate from a recognized four-year school while saving money.”  Another huge bonus for moms wanting to continue their education is that IBC offers “unparalleled services to support student success, including personalized mentoring through weekly meetings with Success Coaches, individualized free tutoring, regular academic advising and career counseling, and exclusively for Moms, a private online community.” At IBC, students have the ability to earn a college degree in as little as 17 months. For moms, the online program that Ivy Bridge College offers is a wonderful way to  let moms pursue the education they need to advance their career, all while still having the freedom to work or take care of your kids! Growing up, I saw firsthand how continuing your education and getting the college degree that you need can really advance your career and secure your future and finances. Going to college isn’t always the easy choice, but it is so worth it and at IBC they do all they can to help moms succeed. 

You can check out the Ivy Bridge College website or call their toll free number (855-300-7106) to learn more!

Ivy Bridge College would like to offer two of my readers a $1,000 tuition discount each on classes at Ivy Bridge College! *Note: Although my post emphasized how an online education could benefit moms, winners are not required to be mothers or female.*

Eligibility Statement: To be eligible for the $1,000 discount off tuition at Ivy Bridge College (IBC), the qualifying individuals will need to be degree seeking, enrolled in IBC a minimum of part-time, and new to IBC (specifically, not someone who has already applied to, enrolled in, or requested information from IBC before February 11, 2013). Limit one per person. Offer expires September 1, 2013.”

***Entrants must be 18+ years old. Open US residents who meet the above mentioned criteria. One entry per household. The winner has 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.***
Giveaway will end Monday, February 26 at 12:01am EST.

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