Thursday, February 28, 2013

Communication Through Babywearing

Right now we're up north visiting my family. One of the things that I really like to do, when we get a chance, is to go to Savers with my mom to hunt for some deals. 

Just had to share my awesome find! A pair of Tiny Toms for little Michael for $6!

My mom, my sister-in-law and I (with little Riley in tow, wrapped up in a carrier) were looking around and I saw a family (mom, dad, older daughter and little toddler) and we smiled at each other as I noticed them looking at Riley. The family was Hispanic and since I don't speak any Spanish, all we could really do was smile at each other. The mom was pointing at Riley (who was in a wrap), then would look at her son and say "baby", then point back at Riley. We just kept smiling at each other, when she unfolded what looked like a long, thin blanket. picked up her son, put him on her back and wrapped the fabric around him. She had wrapped him up in a Rebozo! I was smiling so much! I couldn't believe it! Even though we couldn't understand a word that the other one said, other than, "baby", we could still communicate and share a moment, all because of babywearing!

Little Riley in his wrap at Savers.
This wasn't the woman at Savers...just a picture from internet. Credit HERE. I just wanted to show the style in which her toddler was wrapped.

I love babywearing!


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