Friday, September 7, 2012

The Best Cloth Diaper Accessories

 Looking back on my time cloth diapering little man (just about 2.5 years), I really grew to love some of my accessories. Since little man is mostly potty trained (except at night), I had put away the majority of my cloth diapers and accessories. This past week though, I have been pulling things out and going through them to start getting ready to cloth diaper our little boy who is due in November!

I thought I would share what I think the best cloth diaper accessories are:

Thirsties Fab Wipes1. Cloth Wipes: It took me a little longer to jump onto the cloth wipe wagon than the cloth diapering wagon. Somehow I thought disposable wipes were easier or less gross. I finally decided to give them a try and once I did, I was hooked! I quickly learned that cloth wipes were in fact, easier! It was simple to just roll a wipe up in a soiled cloth diaper and then toss then in the wash with my cloth diapers. Much easier and cheaper than constantly buying disposable wipes. Thirsties Fab Wipes are by far my favorite! They are nicely sized and they are made up of 2 layers for extra cleaning power! They are soft, come in fun colors and they get the job done!

2. Wet Bags: A good wet bag is a lifesaver! If you plan on going out of the house with your little one, you will need something to contain wet, soiled cloth diapers to prevent the smell and wetness from lingering anywhere that you don't want it. My favorite is the Planet Wise Wet Bag - they are made really well and the zipper closes securely, keeping smells and dampness inside, where they belong. I love the different size options as well as all the fun patterns! Wet bags are also great for storing a change of clean clothes (for mama and baby...especially when dealing with spit-up), wet clothes after a trip to the pool or beach, or a wet outfit when a cloth diaper leaked or mama's wet shirt when baby has decided that your shirt makes the perfect burp rag. You can never really have too many wet bags!

3. Diaper Rash Cream: Little man has always had sensitive skin - whether it was a rash on his chin and cheeks from drooling, dry skin on his arms or red, rashy skin on his bum when he would wake up in the morning... he just seemed prone to rashes. I tried quite a few different cloth diaper safe creams and little man and I were both happiest when we discovered Angel Baby Bottom Balm! I just love that it is made with organic ingredients and that it is safe to use with cloth diapers! Another big plus is that it is a multipurpose balm for babies and adults- you can use it on scratches, rashes and more! This is definitely a staple in my diaper bag and at home.
Eco Sprout Cloth Diaper Detergent4.  Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent: One thing that I really researched before investing in cloth diapers was how to clean them (without ruining them, preferably). I really wanted to know how to best take care of my cloth diapers so that they would last as long as possible and stay looking nice. At our house, we have hard water and it took me a little while to find just the right wash routine. But, I am happy to say, that I have it down and haven't had very many issues! The detergent that works best for me is Eco Sprout Cloth Diaper Detergent. I love it! It smells great, it works in all water types and can be used with our HE, front-loading machine. It has also been great for little man's sensitive skin. He hasn't broken out with a rash on his arms since I switched to using Eco Sprout and now I use it on all of his laundry! I also want to mention that we stopped using dryer sheets all together when I started cloth diapering little man. (Dryer sheets can coat your diapers and make them loose absorbancy!) Instead of dryer sheets, I use wool dryer balls and love them!

Babykicks Hemparoo PREMIUM Joey Bunz5. Inserts/Doublers: Once little man started soaking through a standard insert at night, I started looking for something trim and absorbent to add to his night time diapers. I found Babykicks Hemparoo PREMIUM Joey Bunz to work perfectly for us. I just placed them under a microfiber insert and stuffed them into my night-time diaper and we were good to go! I love that hemp is not only eco-friendly, but that it can absorb a lot of liquid as well! Plus, the shape of these doublers was also great for having a boy - a little wider in the front and back than the middle. :) 

Those are my favorite cloth diaper accessories! What are your favorite cloth diaper accessories? Do you have one that isn't on my list? I would love to know! Maybe I will find a new accessory that I love for baby #2!

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