Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day at the "Beach" - A DIY Recipe for Cloud Dough

Oh...what to do when it is over 100 degrees outside and you don't feel like packing everything up to go to the beach? You make cloud dough! Soft, fluffy, mold-able cloud dough!

I had seen the idea on Pinterest awhile back and was really looking forward to making it! I thought it would be so much fun to bring the "beach" indoors on a hot day. It is a super, easy-peasy recipe that only needs 2 ingredients to make. 

Cloud Dough Recipe:
8 cups of flour
1 cup of baby oil


Mix ingredients together in a bowl until the baby oil is thoroughly mixed in. Transfer to a bigger container (I used a small, shallow under bed storage container) and add scoopers, moulds, shovels, cups, beach toys, etc and let the fun begin!

Little man had a blast helping me scoop and dump the flour, pour the baby oil in and then stir and mix our concoction together! I think this has been one of the more successful creations - little man played with this for over an hour for 3 days in a row! He couldn't wait to dive in every day to build castles and knock them down! It also lasts a really long time. We just keep the lid on the plastic box and it has kept nicely.

Little man calls the container his sand table. :) This made me think that it would make the perfect addition to an actual sand table...and that we should make him one!