Friday, July 13, 2012

It's A.....

We had such a fun appointment the other day at the midwifes office! First we met with our midwife and got the chance to chat, ask some questions and hear the babies heartbeat! Little man is a pro at using the doppler and or midwife always lets little man help use the doppler. It's so sweet!

After our appointment, it was time for our ultrasound!!! Everyone in the office was super excited to find out what we were having, because there had been 2 girls and 2 boys that day revealed through ultrasound - we were the tie breaker! One of the ladies in the office had a fun idea to have the technician whisper the big news to little man and then he would tell us if he was going to have a brother or sister!

I loved seeing our little one on the ultrasound screen! It was so beautiful to see the form of their little head come into focus and see the string of pearls that made up the spine! What a beautiful creation! 

The technician took all of the measurements and told us that out little baby was healthy and looked great! She also told us that our little one was measuring at about 15 oz. and looked like I may be measuring at 21 weeks, rather than 20 weeks. So, my due date may be moved up to November 17th, rather than the 25th. Hopefully it's just that I'm further along than we thought before and not that I'm having a huge baby! Little man was 7lbs, 14oz. I could do that again.... (*hint, hint* little baby in my belly!)

It came time for the BIG NEWS and the ultrasound technician whispered her little secret to little man. He didn't really get that he was supposed to repeat what she said, so she tried again and then again...haha! Poor little man! The idea of whispering a secret that you then repeat was totally new to him. :) Well, third time was a charm and little man is going to have a...

...It's a little BROTHER for little man! We are so excited! It is so amazing to know that there is a little BOY growing inside of me! I am so thankful that God has blessed us with another little boy to raise and I can't wait to see little man and our new little guy interact and grow up together as brothers!



  1. Yay! Congrats! So cute that your son got to tell you. :)
    Hey if they move your due date up to the 17th, you'll be due the same day as me!!! Except we are having a girl. ;) But we had our two boys we are doing our girl set. :)

  2. Congrats! We have three little boys, and the brother bond is amazing:) Best of luck!

  3. Thank you everyone! We are thrilled! :)

    Brittany- That's amazing that we could have the same due date (I'm not 100% sure if my midwife will decide to move up my due date yet), what a small world!

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  5. Wonderful news! love the pictures! :o) Little M is going to be such a cute big brother.

    Amber Kemp