Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun with Baking Soda and Vinegar!

I have been wanting to start putting together some activities for little man. Not that he's ready for school yet, ;) but I would like to have some things for him to do during the day that foster learning and fun! My goal is that we might have a bit of routine down for some "tot school" activities before baby boy #2 is here, that way little man has some special, fun activities that are all his own! I would hope that we could work out a routine of some that he can work on by himself and others that need a bit of teamwork and help (or at least a watchful eye) from mama! 

Thanks to Pinterest, I have started collecting some fun craft and activity ideas and the other day, I got to try one out! I saw this Drop Vinegar activity and thought that little man would love it! It is simple, both ingredient-wise and concept-wise, and super colorful! 

All you need is:
Baking Soda
Food Coloring
Small Cups
A Pan
*Rags or a drop cloth of some sort to protect and clean up splatters

I took a baking pan and put a thick layer of baking soda down. Then I filled up some tiny plastic cups with vinegar. I let little man add drops of food coloring in the vinegar and create his colors of choice! He was a fan of the primary colors, plus the "aztec blue" and "lime green" recipes on the back of the food coloring box. ;) Then, I pulled out the old medicine plunger/droppers and showed little man how to use them to suck up the vinegar and then squirt it back out. I laid out an old towel and grabbed a clean-up rag, then we sat down at little man's craft table and he got to work! 

I didn't tell him what was going to happen when the vinegar hot the baking soda. He was thrilled! He loved the "bubbling", the fizzy noise and watching the colors fill up the pan! \


He had so much fun, that when we were done with the first pan, we filled up another and made more colors right away! We did it again the next day too! He loves going into the pantry and asking for the baking soda and colors!