Friday, November 4, 2011

Made With Love Sponsor Spotlight: Blossom Pads

I am excited to introduce you to Blossom Pads and the beautiful line of cloth menstrual pads and pantyliners created by Charlene. Blossom Pads are a handmade alternative to disposable pads that come in a variety of lengths, absorbencies and wonderful, colorful prints. Charlene has created Blossom Pads to be affordable, comfortable, cute and they are an eco-friendly choice! 

At Blossom Pads, you can find Cotton Pads, Organic Cotton Pads, Flannel Pads and Pantyliners. They are available in whichever absorbency you are looking for (light, moderate/regular, and super) and they are also available in a variety of different of lengths to suit your needs (6", 8", 10", 12", 14"). Not only can you create the cloth pad that is just right for you at Blossom Pads, but you can also choose between some really pretty and fun prints too! I just love the variety of prints and colors that Charlene uses!
I had the opportunity to ask Charlene some questions about how she got started and where her inspiration comes from. I hope that you feel like you can get to know Charlene and Blossom Pads a little bit better, just like I did!   
What inspired the name, Blossom Pads, for your shop?
The name Blossom Pads comes from the idea of blossoms representing beauty, spring and rebirth...all things that I associate with women and our menstrual cycles. Far too often women are embarrassed or feel negatively about “that time of the month,” but I see our cycles as a reminder of how amazing we are (we grow babies!) and feel that we should celebrate that!

How long has your shop been open?
We started selling pads in our cloth diaper shop 3 years ago and officially opened Blossom Pads in January of 2009.
How long have you been sewing? Did someone teach you or did you pick it up on your own?
I started sewing when I was about 8 or 9 years old. At that time, my mother made many of my clothes and I wanted to be just like her. Like many children that age, after one sewing lesson my interest faded. Years later, when I had children of my own, I started sewing again. Through trial and error, and the help of the Internet, I taught myself how to sew.

What inspired you to start selling Blossom Pads?
I had been working as a birth doula for several years when a client who knew that I made cloth diapers asked me if I ever made cloth menstrual pads. I had never thought about it before and decided to do a little research about cloth pads. When I learned about the environmental, health and financial benefits to using cloth vs. disposable pads I was sold and started designing my own pattern. A few months later Blossom Pads opened.

Do you have a favorite fabric or material to work with?
I love working with cotton velour. Not only is it soft and absorbent, but there are so many vibrant colors!

What would be the perfect way to spend a day?
My perfect day would be spent with my husband and six kids hiking up in the mountains of Vermont. No cars, no phones, no noise, no worries....just peace and quite, fresh air and a nice, slow pace.

Are you new to the idea of cloth pads? Charlene has a wonderful section on the Blossom Pads site that answers many of the questions about how to care to cloth pads, how many you will need and even why you should use them. Make sure you check out her FAQ's page if you have any questions!  

For those that are interested in trying cloth menstrual pads, but just aren't sure where to start or if you're not ready to invest a lot into cloth pads, Blossom Pads offers an Intro to Cloth Kit! This kit will let you try some of the different sizes and absorbencies ...and it is only $10!!! 

The Intro to Cloth Kit includes:    
  • 1 velour 6" panyliner  
  • 1 velour 8" pad with a bamboo/cotton core and moderate absorbency    
  • 1 flannel 10" flannel pad with a cotton core and super absorbency    
  • Information on how to care for your pads
The Intro to Cloth Kit that Charlene sent me! Aren't the colors beautiful!
I was thrilled when Charlene told me that she was going to be sending me an Intro to Cloth Kit to try out! When I opened the package, I fell in love with the colors right away! I love blues and the prints made me so happy! Immediately, I could tell that the cloth pads are all made exceptionally well and with great care. The materials are so incredibly soft and plush! 

A close-up of the edge detail

The pads all washed up beautifully and while I didn't "need" to use them before this review and the upcoming Made With Love Event, I still tried them out. They were all extremely soft, comfortable and they stayed in place. The bottom of the pads are all made with fleece to provide a breathable, moisture resistant layer that also helps to keep your pad in place and the velour pantyliners have a backing of trim microfleece.  All of the materials that Charlene uses are just wonderful and they all come together to make some fabulous cloth pads that I am definitely looking forward to using!

A close-up of the engraved white snap cap that helps you know what absorbancy your pad is! (I love this extra detail! So helpful!) L=Light, M=Moderate/Regular & S=Super

The 6" velour pantyliner is actually perfect to wear just before or after your period and I hardly noticed that I was even wearing it! The velour 8" pad with a bamboo/cotton core and moderate absorbency is probably my favorite! I love that it has a bamboo/cotton core and the absorbancy that bamboo has. The velour top is just so incredibly soft, I love it! The 10" flannel pad with a cotton core and super absorbency is perfect, especially at the beginning of my cycle or at night! I love the Intro to Cloth Kit that Charlene sent me! It is an excellent way to see Charlene's wonderful handiwork up close and in person. I love that with the kit, you have the option to try out the velour and flannel pads, to see which you like best. I also really like that the kit comes with the varying absorbencies and lengths that Blossom Pads has to offer. I really love the variety of fabric choices and colors that Cathlene offers through Blossom Pads. Charlene has definitely created some beautiful, vibrant and pretty cloth pads!
Blossom Pads is one of the sponsors for the Made With Love Event (happening November 8-13) and Charlene has generously offered the winner their very own Intro to Cloth Kit! (ARV $10)

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Made With Love Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between November 8-13 to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!

You can shop
on the Blossom Pads website on the Blossom Pads Etsy page. You can also connect with Charlene on Blossom Pads Facebook page and through Twitter! You can also follow Blossom Pads blog
Charlene is offering a special coupon code to the Little Hedgehog readers! She is offering a 10% discount off your purchase at Blossom Pads! Simply use the discount code "LHH" at checkout!

Interested in earning an extra entry into the the Made With Love Event when it starts? Visit
Blossom Pads and leave me a comment below telling what one of your favorite item is! When the Made With Love Event giveaway starts, you can claim your extra entry in the Rafflecopter form.


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