Sunday, November 6, 2011

Made With Love Sponsor Spotlight: Red Letter Ink

I am excited to introduce you to Aimee of Red Letter Ink and her beautifully inspired wall art! Aimee has created some truly wonderful designs that are alive with color and meaning. The designs at Red Letter Ink have verses of scripture worked into them along with some wonderful typography and graphic elements. Aimee has even created some pieces that are customizable, which can add the perfect touch to a child's room or make a very meaningful baby shower gift! I really love the style that Aimee uses to create her pieces. Her pieces are uplifting and would add a wonderful addition to any room in the home. They are all so unique and and a beautiful reminder of God's love and faithfulness.
I had the opportunity to ask Aimee some questions about how she got started in graphic design and where her inspiration for her work comes from. I hope that you feel like you can get to know Aimee and Red Letter Ink a little bit better, just like I did!

What inspired the name, Red Letter Ink, for your shop, and what inspired you to start selling your prints?
The name of my shop comes from the fact that my artwork prints are inspired from various scripture passages. My husband and I have a daughter with special needs, and over the past 7+ years, there are passages of scripture that I’ve clung to – especially during the difficult times. The very first scripture print I made was for our daughter with the passage from Jeremiah 29 that says “For I know the plans I have for you…” – that verse has always given me hope and has served as a great reminder that God created each of us EXACTLY how he intended, with a specific plan in mind for each of our lives. So as I began making more scripture prints for friends’ kids, I thought how cool to be able to share God’s word with others through artwork! I just love having scripture surrounding me as part of my everyday life, so I figured why not make this an option for everyone!

How long has your shop been open?
Well, technically, I opened my shop in April 2011, but I’ve been dreaming up and designing prints for the past couple of years now.

How long have you been making graphic design prints?
I worked as an in-house graphic designer for several years before we received my daughter’s diagnosis of a neurological motor planning/processing disorder, and after our son was born, we decided in order for me to have the flexibility to get our daughter to numerous therapy appointments each week, I needed to leave my corporate job. I’d been freelancing on the side for some extra income beyond my day job, and when I quit my full-time job it was absolutely AMAZING to see how God provided for our family. Like I mentioned before, watching God provide for us financially and emotionally through His word made me want to shout it from the rooftops that GOD IS GOOD! I started out jotting down scripture passages on note cards and have them in my office as reminders, then I thought how silly – I’m a graphic designer and I’m displaying my chicken scratch handwriting?? Why not make it something pretty to look at? And that inspired the very first print back a couple of years ago.

What would be the perfect way to spend a day?
Having grown up with three brothers, I’m a HUGE sports fan, so I absolutely LOVE spending an afternoon watching the Minnesota Twins play at their new outdoor stadium in the summer –or- hanging out with friends watching a Packers football game (especially if they’re playing the Vikings…we’ve got a little rivalry going on in our family with me originally from WI, my husband from MN). I’m also a big outdoors person, so I enjoy rollerblading, biking, camping, hiking, etc.

Anything else you’d like to add/say?
I’d just like to encourage everyone to seek out the incredible gifts that are found in scripture. God’s word can speak truth to whatever situation you may be facing and only HE can help guide you as you walk through tough times. And don’t be afraid to be transparent if you’re struggling. This is something I’ve slowly been learning the past several years. God didn’t intend for us to handle everything on our own, instead, He created us to need the support and love of good friends to help us navigate our way through life and all the challenges that arise. For so long I thought I had to try and pretend I had it all together on my own…and I can’t tell you how freeing it was when I finally let myself throw my hands up in the air and say, “God, I can’t do it alone – I need your help and the help/support of friends to get through this”. He is good ALL the time, and we can rest in that no matter how difficult things are.
The print came packaged nicely with some cardboard and in a clear cello bag to keep it protected.
 I really love the 8x10 Don't Worry Be Happy wall art print featuring Matthew 6:26 that Aimee sent me!
 Look at the birds of the air;
they do not sow or reap
or store away in barns,
and yet your heavenly
Father feeds them.

Are you not much more
valuable than they?
• Matthew 6:26 •
It is perfect for me! I am a very happy person by nature and not prone to worrying. But, that doesn't mean that I don't still need a reminder about how perfect God's plan is for me or how much he wants to bless our family! I thrive on the knowledge that God will always take care of us - he always has and I am confident that he always will. It is not something that I take for granted, but it is more of a celebration for me of God's goodness. The bright, cheery design with the bird and flower embellishments and the happy shades of red, blue, and orange just add to the happy, uplifting feel of this print! Also, since it is printed on a crisp white background, it the perfect splash of color to compliment my desk and work-space! 
Overall, I absolutely love my Red Letter Ink print! The colors compliment each other nicely, the design and typography is well laid out and the quality is just excellent! I am impressed with the quality that Aimee puts into her artwork and it is so evident that she puts great care and thought into her prints! Red Letter Ink is definitely a place that I would recommend to shop from, whether you are looking for unique inspirational art, uplifting and bright prints, a meaningful and personalized print or even note cards to send a thoughtful letter to a friend!
Red Letter Ink is one of the sponsors for the Made With Love Event (happening November 8-13) and Aimee has generously offered the winner an 8x10 print of the winner's choosing from her shop!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Made With Love Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between November 8-13 to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!

You can
shop for Red Letter Ink wall art and note cards Etsy! You can also connect with Aimee through Facebook!

Interested in earning an extra entry into the the Made With Love Event when it starts? Visit 
Red Letter Ink on Etsy and leave me a comment below telling which print is your favorite! When the Made With Love Event giveaway starts, you can claim your extra entry in the Rafflecopter form.


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