Monday, November 7, 2011

Made With Love Sponsor Spotlight: My Posh Pads

I am excited to introduce you to Robyn of My Posh Pads and the fun cloth pads she creates. My Posh Pads are handmade by Robyn using fun and unique prints with the absorbancy level you need. Whether you are looking for pads that work best for overnight and heavy days or you are looking for cloth pads that work well on lighter and regular days, you can find just what you need at My Posh Pads! My Posh Pads are a great and affordable option over disposable pads - and it's eco-friendly too! On top of that, they are made using an inner core of bamboo/organic cotton and the fun, colorful and sassy prints will definitely bring a smile to your face! 

I had the opportunity to ask Robyn some questions about how she got started with My Posh Pads and where her inspiration comes from. I hope that you feel like you can get to know Robyn and My Posh Pads a little bit better, just like I did!   

What inspired the name, My Posh Pads, for your shop?
I wanted something that would incorporate how we ladies want/wish that time of the month was like and I feel like our bamboo cloth pads make you feel that way. Soft, plush...yea POSH!

How long has your shop been open?
I've been in business for 4 yrs with POSH Pads Organic Nursing Pads and My Posh Pads was started about 8mths ago.

How long have you been sewing? Did someone teach you or did you pick it up on your own? 
I"ve been sewing since I was little. My mother and grandmother are both very talented artists and it just was something we always did together. Sewing, crafting anything we could do with our hands.
What inspired you to start selling My Posh Pads and why did you choose to make them with organic cotton and bamboo? 
It seemed like a good fit, since we already offered something for our breasts that are made with soft organic bamboo, why not a cloth environmentally and comfy panty liner for down under. Feminine health is often left out, as its embarrassing or "gross". It is seen much like breastfeeding was years ago and still sometimes is...but its a natural part of a females life cycle. Both should be given much thought and care. Our pads address both, allowing us girls to enough our leaks without irritation or leaks!
Do you have a favorite fabric design?
My favorites are the wilder colors and prints. I love pretty, but I get all excited when I get to wear my Pretty Kitty, Tattoo My Love and yes our Pampered Puss Pads! We also have pretty floral prints that are very feminine that I love too.
What would be the perfect way to spend a day?
Uhmmm...perfect day? Its everyday perfect if you make it that way? My perfect day is hanging out with my husband and kiddos. I know most want a quiet day and a book, but I'm so used to noise and go, go , go that it weirds me out to just chill too much ;-)


I was thrilled when Robyn told me that she was going to be sending me a Sampler Kit to try out! It is definitely the perfect way to try out a variety of cloth pads if you are new to the idea of using cloth for your monthly cycle or if you want to try out a few of the different Posh Pads before investing in more! My Posh Pads are made with 100% cotton flannel top and bottom wings, they have an inner core of bamboo/organic cotton and a PUL layer for leak protection.

The Sampler Starter package includes:
  • 1 Maxi 10 in.
  • 1 Pantyliner 8 in.
  • 1 Mini 7 in.
  • 1 Netted Carrying Bag

One of my favorite features is that My Posh Pads have an inner core of bamboo and organic cotton! 
 "MY POSH PADS uses the renewable resource of bamboo as a fabric because it grows naturally and abundantly without pesticides or fertilizers, therefore reducing the chances of allergies or skin conditions. The thermal characteristics offer great breathing ability; keeping moisture away from the body. Bamboo is highly absorbent and naturally deodorizing. The layers allow moisture to be wicked away from your body leaving you drier." --taken from My Posh Pads Etsy pages

Robyn definitely goes above and beyond to use quality fabrics and materials. I also really like that Robyn uses a double row of snaps so that you can easily adjust the fit of your cloth pad! Since cloth pads are reusable, it really is such a wonderful and economical way to have a "greener" period. Cloth pads (in my opinion) are much more comfortable than disposables and they are better for your body. With less waste going into the garbage, it is better for the planet too! To top it all of, the fabric choices at My Posh Pads are so cute!
This is my favorite print:

I think that the materials that Robyn uses for My Posh Pads are wonderful and I just love that she has chosen to use bamboo and organic cotton. Robyn dresses her cloth pads up with such bright and fun prints that you can't help but feel happy when you use them! I love the variety that comes in the Sampler Kit. It is the perfect way to try out a few of the different My Posh Pads to see what works best for your needs. It is also a great way to see the quality and handiwork that goes into each cloth pad. Robyn is friendly and easy to talk with and I would definitely recommend My Posh Pads as a place to shop at! 

My Posh Pads is one of the sponsors for the Made With Love Event (happening November 8-13) and Robyn has generously offered the winner their very own Sampler Kit! (ARV $18)

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Made With Love Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between November 8-13 to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!

You can shop for My Posh Pads on their Etsy page. You can also connect with Robyn on My Posh Pads Facebook page and through Twitter

Interested in earning an extra entry into the the Made With Love Event when it starts? Visit My Posh Pads and leave me a comment below telling what one of your favorite item is! When the Made With Love Event giveaway starts, you can claim your extra entry in the Rafflecopter form.


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    ~Keri Cowart

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    Terri Babin

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