Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Emotions (All of Them)

Little man is expressive...very expressive. Maybe even a tad on the dramatic side (future drama club member perhaps?) Dinner at our home has been an emotional event lately. Little man usually runs the gamut of emotions. Happy to silly to water works to perplexed to content and... repeat! So the other night I thought I would document dinner.

I think I am a pretty lucky mama - most of the time little man is some form of happy and I am just delighted by his adventurous, joyful spirit. So, even though there were some tears involved at diner, it was still a fun event and I really got a chance to observe all of little man's facial expressions. I loved it.

I introduced tofu for the first time - I made tofu sticks, breaded them and sauteed them in a little olive oil. I was surprised at how well they went over! Then little man munched on "cheese-yeah" (his favorite way to ask for cheese) and some veggies. Now to be fair, he did sign "All Done" toward the end...but I thought I could sneak some sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin soup with brown rice in there. NOPE! He even managed to squeeze out two half tears! I guess he was having an anti-orange food day. ...And back to munching on more tofu.

Our little session reminded me of the "How Are You Feeling Today?" Poster. I think little man would select all!
Happy Wednesday! (Or whatever emotion you may be feeling today)

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