Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal: 26 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household 
I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  26 Weeks!

This week our little boy measures about 13.6 to 14.8 inches and is somewhere in the1.5 to 2.5 pound range. His eyes are still forming and lashes have appeared - soon he will be able to open his eyes! Little guy's immune system is also developing and he is soaking up my antibodies. He is also practicing for life on the outside by taking breaths of amniotic fluid. My belly has also been practicing for labor, even though it is still a ways away, by tightening with some early contractions. Sounds like everything is working together to grow and get ready for the day we get to hold our little boy in our arms!  
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  I've been getting headaches that can last for most of the day or just a few hours. Over the last week, it has been pretty consistent, unfortunately. I read that it can be a normal part of pregnancy and stress... but it's still no fun! My lower back is also continuing to ache. I am sleeping with a pillow between my legs, which helps a little and the weekly trip to the chiropractor also helps me feel way better. Baby boy is as active as ever, especially at night! He kicks and rolls and jabs. I am so amazed at how much he moves and how strong he is! At this point I can see my belly move (it looks like quick, jumpy movements). Also at night, when I am on my side, I can feel him roll around and sometimes it actually kind of tickles and makes me laugh. :) 

Weight Gain: I am up to 151.2lbs. I have definitely slowed on my weight gain (phew!). I started at 125lbs and have gained 26.2lbs so far. 

Cravings! I have been craving sushi! It sounds so yummy! Baked Spider Rolls are one of my favorites!  Makes me wonder what little man would think of sushi. I actually can't believe we've never taken him out for sushi! I think he would at least have fun with the chopsticks! :) I still have been wanting sweets and hubby surprised me with a super tasty old-fashioned, maple doughnut the other day! Mmmm... Then, the last time we were at Trader Joe's, hubby "snuck" some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup into our cart. Sneaky man! ;) A bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and walnuts is the perfect way to relax while watching a tv show at the end of the day! 
beer for hubby and ice cream for me at Disneyland!
Food Aversions: No food aversions. I don't usually feel like eating lunch in the afternoons. That could be because of the heat though, since it has been 90-100+ degrees here lately! I would much rather eat breakfast, have late afternoon snacks, have dinner and dessert, of course! So, yeah...I think that means I don't have any food aversions and I'm eating plenty, haha!

What made me cry this week:  Nothing - I've been pretty happy!

Medical Stuff: Nothing going on! I still have appointments every 4 weeks, so nothing new to report. Weight gain has slowed and other than that, I really just have an achy back to complain about. ;)

Thoughts from little man:  Little man has been enjoying using my belly as a pillow these days. He still doesn't seem to notice that I have a beach ball growing on my belly and still likes to be picked up as often as ever. He will talk about baby boy sometimes and that he will be tiny and use his crib. He has decided that he wants his crib back now, instead of his big boy bed. :) I have the feeling once his old things start coming back out from the garage to go into the new baby's room, that he will suddenly start wanting all of his old things back. Any of you who have welcomed a second baby (or more) into your family, how did you help your first child transition or get used to a new baby coming?

Something I am excited about: Getting closer and closer to the third trimester and then delivery! I know it's still a little ways away, but I just can't wait!