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Green Spring Clean Sponsor Spotlight: Eco-Me #GreenClean

"Eco-Me is a natural products company specializing in you. Really!  We care about the health of your home, family and pets.

Eco-Me was born out of need and concern. The need to remove dangerous chemicals from our homes and environment and the concern that the toxins emitted from every day products has encouraged the rapid increase of disease in our society.  

That's why we created natural cleaning, pet and personal care products using ingredients you can find right in your kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil."  --taken from website 
Eco-me is a wonderful eco-friendly company that cares about what their products are made with, how they affect people and that they get the cleaning job done ...but, they still they know how to have  some fun! I love when companies get creative with their products! The packaging on the Eco-Me line is great- every product is named after a person and they give a little info on what natural means to them! They have Bill the All Purpose Cleaner, Emma the Laundry Soap, Jack the Stainless Steel Cleaner and many more! I was sent Jack the Stainless Steel Cleaner to review and it is green-cleaning-love! For Jack, natural means, "...pure ingredients that won't harm our environment, humans or the homes we live." This Stainless Steel Cleaner is awesome and it works like a charm! 

We recently replaced the kitchen appliances that came with our home (they were very sad appliances and had seen better days) with new, shiny stainless steel appliances. (oooh! ahhh!) I love them, but, they show fingerprints and drips like nobody's business! Argh! My poor hubby can't stand it and is forever cleaning them to no avail. ...until now! This cleaner works like magic! Seriously! I shook the bottle, sprayed it on a cloth, rubbed it on my stove and then used a dry cloth to polish until dry and shiny! Voila! It looked like new! (I think Hubby is in love) It was so easy to use and required no elbow grease. I was so impressed that I immediately set to work on our dishwasher and refrigerator. Ahhh... a nice sparkly kitchen with no icky chemicals to worry about!

The Stainless Steel Cleaner just cut through the dirt and smudges like they weren't event there!

and then,


I really love that Eco-Me discloses their ingredients on their website and on all of their packaging. The ingredients for Jack the Stainless Steel Cleaner are simple:

Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Grapeseed Oil, *Distilled White Vinegar,
*Vegetable Glycerin, Plant Essential Oils
(Lavendin, Clary Sage,
Peppermint, Thyme, Sweet Marjoram)
*Eco-Me uses food grade ingredients when available

I know what all of the ingredients are and I even have some of those in my kitchen pantry! I love that Eco-Me uses essential oils too, rather than the mysterious "fragrance" ingredient, and I learned that "Essential oils made from plants have antibacterial properties"! The cleaner is supposed to have a peppermint smell and it does, but you definitely catch the smell of vinegar first, then a pepperminty-thyme-herb scent. I personally don't mind the smell of vinegar at all, but I know some people aren't a big fan. But, a fun fact about vinegar that I learned from Eco-Me: "Vinegar kills up to 98% bacteria, germs & odors." Pretty amazing! 

Eco-Me is not only passionate about what they do put int their products, but they are also passionate about what is not in their products. At Eco-Me, you won't find any Dyes, Sulfates, Phosphates, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicon, Petro-Chemicals or Chemical Preservatives. Eco-Me truly cares about what goes into the environment, the ingredients they choose and how that will create a safe, green cleaning experience for their customers. (They are PETA and Leaping Bunny approved too!)

Overall, I love Jack the Stainless Steel Cleaner! It has a permanent spot in my kitchen, so that I can easily clean my stove, fridge or dishwasher (not that I mind your sticky fingerprints little man...). I also really appreciate that I can use this cleaner around little man! I don't have to worry about him inhaling any mystery chemicals that I can't pronounce, I don't have to worry about the long term effects that this cleaner will have on him, hubby or I ...and , I love that. I definitely recommend Eco-Me if you are on the hunt to stock up on eco-friendly cleaning supplies for your spring cleaning! I already have my eye on Emily the Scrub Cleanser and Bill the All Purpose Spray Cleaner to add to my cleaning supplies. You can feel good about buying Eco-Me - not only are their products safe for you, your home and your little ones, but their products are made in the USA too!

Happy Mothering
Eco-Me is one of the sponsors for the Green Spring Clean Event (happening March 31-30) and they have generously offered one winner the same Stainless Steel Cleaner I was sent for review (ARV $5.79)! This is the perfect tool to get all of your stainless steel looking like new again, in an eco-friendly way of course!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Green Spring Clean Event! Be sure to enter HERE for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!
You can connect with Eco-Me on Facebook, Twitter  and to shop for Eco-Me, you can look for retailers in your area or buy them through their online shop.

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