Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green Spring Clean Sponsor Spotlight: Ecover #GreenClean


"Making a Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyle Easy"

Ecover's goal is to provide products that will help people to have a healthy and safe home. They wants their products to make cleaning easy and effective too! Ecover has been a company for over 30 years now and they still haven't lost sight of their guiding principles: "Respect, Integrity and Commitment."  

You don't need a bunch of crazy chemicals to get your home clean. No thank you! I started switching to greener cleaners when I was pregnant with little man. I though about him crawling on the floor or putting toys and spoons in his mouth. Then I thought about what kind of chemicals I had been using before I was pregnant and knew I didn't want any of those coming near him! It is truly scary that some companies don't list their ingredients or to think about how some chemicals can affect us! I have been using green cleaners in our home for a long time and I am so glad! 

Ecover uses powerful plant-based and mineral ingredients in their cleaning products. You can feel safe using them around your home and your little ones as you start your spring cleaning and as you clean throughout the rest of the year! I love knowing that when I use Ecover, I am using products that are made from sustainable ingredients and that they don't bring any toxins into my home.

One thing that I think is really awesome about Ecover is that they create their packaging out of 100% Plant Plastic Bottles, aka Plantastic! Regular plastic packaging is made from crude oil which is not only a scarce resource, but it is associated with oil spills and pollution. Ecover has been working hard to create an alternative to plastic packaging. 

They have come out with a new PolyEthylene(PE), which is a green plastic that they call PlantPlastic. It is 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable! The Ecover bottles are made of 100% PlantPlastic! This new green plastic is made from sugarcane, which is harvested responsibly without affecting the rainforest. It is nice to know that Ecover cares about the environment, what goes into their cleaning products and they care about how their products are packaged! 

Ecover sent me their Laundry Liquid 2.5X Concentrate in Sunny Day, Toilet Cleaner in Bay Breeze Scent, and the Bathroom Cleaner to help me with my spring cleaning! 

The Laundry Liquid has been great! The Sunny Day scent is their newest scent and it is nice and crisp. This plant-based formula is gentle on clothes and I love that I only need to use 1oz. with my HE machine to get my clothes fresh and clean! It works amazingly well to tackle stains too! I did some spring cleaning in my laundry room, and it feels so nice to have a clean space with minimal products that I know are all eco-friendly. One thing that I got rid of was my old detergent that I was still using on hubby and my clothes. I have had it forever and highly doubt that it was very eco-friendly. I couldn't use it on little man's clothes, since it made his eczema flare up horribly! I am so happy to have switched detergents to something that is greener and gentler on all our skin!

The Bathroom Cleaner works great to cut through dirt and grime! It is perfect for all of your bathroom surfaces such as tubs, tiles, sinks and showers. I especially loved using it on the guest bathroom tub! That is the tub that little man uses and it gets a nice little ring of dirt around it from his baths. (I guess he plays hard and gets dirty...must mean he's having lots of fun!) I have used other green cleaners on it and I feel like I have to scrub and scrub and scrub to get any results. With the Ecover Bathroom Cleaner, I sprayed it on and wiped the dirt away! No elbow grease required! It gets the job done without leaving unnecessary toxins behind!

The Toilet Cleaner now comes in the new Bay Breeze Scent! It reminds me of pine or spruce, which I actually really like! With 2.5 bathrooms in our house (and a little man who is potty training), I have a lot of toilets to clean. Oddly enough, this is one job that I really don't mind doing. I think that for me, it is really satisfying to have a clean toilet. It is important to me that I use a cleaner on our toilets that is eco-conscious - not only because I don't want to flush harsh chemicals down the drains, but also since little man is potty training and I want it to be a green, clean environment for him. I really like how well the Ecover Toilet Cleaner has been working! Simply remove the cap, squirt around the toilet, let sit for a few minutes and then use your scrub brush to do some power cleaning! Voila! Nice, clean, sparkly toilet ...and no harsh chemicals either!
Overall, I love the products from Ecover that I was sent! They work fantastically and I feel good knowing that I am cleaning my home with products that are safe for the environment and our family. I appreciate that Ecover cares about the environment and works diligently to find a better way of doing things. I know that I love my Ecover products and will definitely be purchasing some of their other lines of products to use in our home. I already found a store nearby where I can buy them! If you are looking to get started with your spring cleaning this year, I encourage you to"Green your Clean" and use eco-friendly products!

Happy Mothering
Ecover is one of the sponsors for the Green Spring Clean Event (happening March 31-30) and they have generously offered one winner the same three items I was sent for review: the Toilet Cleaner in Bay Breeze Scent (ARV $4.06), the Bathroom Cleaner (ARV $4.40) and the Laundry Liquid 2.5X Concentrate in Sunny Day (ARV $12.62)! This pack is the perfect way to kick start your spring cleaning, in an eco-friendly way!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the  Green Spring Clean Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between March 21-30 to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!
You can connect with Ecover on Facebook, Twitter , their Blog page and to shop for Ecover, you can look for retailers in your area or buy them through their online shop.

Interested in earning an extra entry into the Green Spring Clean Event when it starts? Visit Ecover and leave me a comment below telling me something you learned or a product that you would  love to tryYou can then claim your extra entry in the Green Spring Clean Event Rafflecopter form when the giveaway is open.


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  10. I try to use less toxic cleaners but get lazy (and cheap) and sometimes opt for the dollar store cleaners to remove rust in my toilet. I would love to see how this handles that problem.

  11. Wow, with the potty training and all the laundry from your "little man," we are impressed that you have time to write this wonderful blog! Thanks very much for taking so much time to test and review our products. It's great to hear from a mom who has the "ring around the tub" and all the other things that go along with having a little one in the house. Thanks again for spreading the word about our ecological cleaners and for using them in your home. Take care, and keep up the great blogging!
    -Deb for Ecover

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    Lisa Garner

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    galyettina at yahoo dot com

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