Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Fun with Freezer Paper!

I love stocking up on plain t-shirts and undershirt packs for little man at Target or Walmart, when they are on sale clearance. I like to get a size up (since they usually shrink - especially the undershirt packs!) so I have plenty of time to do something "crafty" with them before little man grows out of them. Speaking of which, little man seems to be having a growth spurt! He's shooting up like a weed...which has also left his closet a bit sparse. So, a few evenings ago, I was in a particularly "crafty" mood (why do these moods always strike at night?) and decided to make little man a few new shirts!

The first one I had was a bright aqua-y color and for some reason, it took me forever to figure out what I wanted on it. For $1.50 at Target...I just couldn't pass it up! It is a fairly light aqua and could definitely be a boys or girls shirt, so I definitely wanted it to end up looking "boy-ish". I ended up creating a bold, graphic design that I made with the help of the rectangle tool and Microsoft Word (but inspired by the triangle design HERE)...

I always get so nervous when I go to remove the freezer paper!

I think it turned out great! I was so happy with the final product!
I love my new shirt Mommy!

Next, I had a plain, gray undershirt that was part of a pack of 6 boys mixed color undershirts on clearance at Target for $5 and change. (love Target clearance!) I was inspired by a t-shirt I saw HERE on Pinterest and decided that little man needed a California <3 shirt! I printed out a stencil of our state and cut out a tiny heart...then, (with hubby and Google map's help) placed the heart in our general location and...

Notice little man's hand inching over to feel the fun (& thankfully dry) paint texture, somewhere over central CA.

Little man's turn to be the artist

I had so much fun creating these unique shirts for little man and for the price of some fabric paint, foam brushes and some clearances tees...little man has something special made by his Mommy! Ahhh.... <3! Now, he just needs to stop growing so he can wear them for longer than two weeks! Haha!
What fun crafts have you been working on?


  1. okay i want to know how to do this!!! did i miss a tutorial somewhere?

  2. @Joy - I haven't done a tutorial actually! I had done another freezer paper project awhile ago for President's Day and this was just my latest project. I'll have to do a tutorial! I'll try to have one up this week :)

  3. Nice meeting you at the twitter party this evening! I love your creativity with these t-shirts. Our most recent craft was homemade puffy paint, you can check it out in my blog at :) I love your blog and would love to keep in touch. I am always looking for other bloggers to network and share ideas with!