Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Taking Part in the Made With Love Giveaway Hop - November 8-13!

The Made with Love Event is happening this November 8-13! This event will be all about featuring wonderfully handmade items and the people behind the creations. It is also a Giveaway Hop, meaning that all of my lovely readers will have the chance to win some amazing handmade prizes!  The event is being hosted by The Reynolds Mom and Seventeen Sirens  and there will be up to 150 bloggers participating in this event! What a great chance to discover tons of new and wonderful handmade items!
Do you love handmade items and blogging? If you would like to participate in this event, visit The Reynolds Mom for more info and to sign up to participate in the hop!

 Do you love making handmade items that you would like to be featured in this event? Do you have an Etsy shop, Hyena Cart shop or another site that you would like to be highlighted with your handmade items? Please contact me at: littlehedgehogblog at gmail dot com and we can chat about details!  I would love to feature your business!  With such a huge blog hop, this will be a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about your handmade items!

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