Monday, June 17, 2013

6 Months!

Riley is 6 months old!!! Say what?!? (He turned 6 months old on 5/27, so he is 6 1/2 months old now) I absolutely cannot believe that Riley is 6 months old already. Half of a year has completely flown by! I know every parent says that...but it is so true! 

Ahhh...he is growing so fast! He went from being all wobbly when I would sit him up to being sturdy and secure and staying upright chewing and teething on toys for longer and longer each day. He loves standing in his bouncer and bouncing away. He loves watching his brother run around and sometimes I think he wants to get out of the bouncer to run around with him. Michael can make him laugh...oh noy, can he make Riley laugh! Whether Michael is squealing at Riley, singing to him, blowing raspberries on his belly or shushing him, it's pretty safe to say Riley will be laughing. Riley really lights up when he sees Michael. I have been blessed with two happy, silly, smiley, loving boys!

Riley has really started talking more. It's like he's having conversation sometimes! He's busting out with some serious "Gwa, Gwa's", "Goo, Goo's", "Buah, Buah Da Da's" Sometimes he looks like he's focusing so hard and trying to truly say something. He is also seriously busting out some teeth! We've got two bottom teeth that have popped up through the gums. Poor baby! All-in-all, Riley is such a happy little guy and almost always has a smile ready. Even when he wakes up, he is (usually) all smiles!

We are entering the great, wide world of food with Riley. I truly thought that we would wait until he was at least 9 months before we gave him any food, but every time we ate he would reach out and grab at our food. It became harder and harder to keep food away from him. One night, when my parents were visiting, we were all sitting at the dinner table and Riley was on my lap. He was getting madder and madder and more and more frustrated. Finally, my mom asked why I didn't just see what he thought of some avocado. We mashed up some avocado with a fork, put it on a spoon and handed it to him. Well, he must have really been watching us, because he grabbed the spoon, studied it, focused on it and stuck the spoon in his mouth right away!

6 months is a huge milestone for me with breastfeeding! I am so, so, so thankful that Riley is still nursing! It is such a wonderful bond, I love it and love that we are still going strong!

What a sweetheart you are Riley! What a joy and a blessing! You are my sunshine and I love you!

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