Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Green Quiz Quest

I stumbled across a new site a couple of days ago called the Green Quiz Quest. What is the Green Quiz Quest you ask? Good question! I was wondering the same thing the first time I heard the name.

So, I checked out their website and this is what I learned: "The Green Quiz Quest is an online scavenger hunt that will help bring customers and businesses together that both are in favor of protecting the Earth."  I thought that sounded like an awesome idea, so I read on and found that the Green Quiz Quest will be having an online scavenger hunt with PRIZES (ooohhh...aaaahhhh!) for "seekers" that are provided by the sponsors. Awesome! Their goal is to bring eco-friendly websites and companies together with the "green" shopper. The Green Quiz Quest is going to start on July 1, 2010 and go until July 31, 2010. 

So, head on over to the Green Quiz Quest and sign up! Not only will you get a chance to win some great prizes but you might just find some fun, new websites with some fabulously "green" products! Don't forget to stop by their Facebook page and to follow them on Twitter! Good luck!

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