Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Craftiness

I hope that everyone enjoyed their four-day Presidents Day weekend! 

This weekend, I took the opportunity to try a new craft project! I have been reading a little bit about using freezer paper to make stencils and then using the stencils to paint designs on clothing. I have really been wanting to try it! So, I finally got together my supplies (minus a t-shirt, because I haven't managed to find a plain t-shirt in little man's size that doesn't have a pocket on the front...what's up with that?) and Sunday night at 10pm, I was super motivated to craft! Why do I always get spurts of energy to tackle big projects late at night? It must be my night owl-y-ness. My first inkling of interest in this freezer paper project came from the blog, Helping Little Hands and her Car Shirt idea. I love it for little man and I am going to attempt to make that one soon! Then, I was reading through some articles on the blog, Made and I found the perfect freezer paper stencil for Presidents Day! I decided to make little man a Lincoln Shirt, so he would have a shirt for President's Day! Now, I didn't make him anything fun to wear for Valentines Day, but somehow I felt the need to make him something for President's Day. Not sure why, but that's how it went.
So, I sat down with my freezer paper and all my supplies and set my mind to cutting Lincoln's image out of the freezer paper. I had read all of the directions and I was confident that I would do a (pretty) good job. Hubby and my mom were sitting at the table with me while I was wielding my razor blade (thankfully, no one was injured in the making of this t-shirt design). It took me a bit longer than I thought to cut the design out, but hubby had some good tips along the way, so once I successfully cut the image out, I ironed Lincoln's freezer paper likeness down onto a onesie. I then got out my paint and started happily dabbing away. I had just started babbling to my mom and hubby how I had read the directions and learned so much when hubby interrupted with, "Shouldn't there be something in-between the front of the onesie and the back to protect the paint from bleeding through?" I then exclaimed with an expletive (Sorry about that mom!) that I hope that little man will never utter and was very thankful that his little ears were sleeping for the night. I quickly fixed my problem and there is only a minor flaw on the back of the shirt to remind me that pride does indeed go before a fall/mistake/potty language. 

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
— Abraham Lincoln

I finished my paint application and then peeled off the stencil to reveal...Lincoln! 

It worked! Yay! I was so happy. I let it dry overnight and then I set the paint with an iron in the morning. I had a lot of fun making this shirt and have learned from my hastily made mistake. I'm really looking forward to making little man some more shirt designs! 

Thanks for the new duds mom!
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
— Abraham Lincoln 
Wait...what holiday is this?

  "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."
— Abraham Lincoln
This onesie is run in!
"Nothing will divert me from my purpose."
— Abraham Lincoln
I thought little man looked mighty cute celebrating President's Day in his Lincoln shirt!

I hope you had a wonderful President's Day weekend! How did you celebrate? What fun things did you do?

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